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Not only tiles: the special pieces of porcelain stoneware

Discover the special pieces of porcelain stoneware by Tagina

The Tagina porcelain tile collections are the perfect solution for your home, whatever your style and whatever the aesthetic result you want to achieve within the different environments.

However, tiles are not the only product in the Tagina catalogue: our portfolio is in fact complemented by a series of special pieces, which meet particular aesthetic and functional needs and provide solutions that are as beautiful as they are effective.

Here are some of the special Tagina pieces that can help you make your home's design flawless. 

  • Mosaics and decorations: next to the porcelain stoneware tiles and slabs of various sizes, the Tagina collections also include special mosaic tiles, which combine smaller porcelain stoneware tiles. These mosaic tiles are generally composed of equal tiles, but some collections also offer mosaics formed by a mix of different tiles by shade, design or finish, which allow to obtain particular and captivating aesthetic results (this is the case, for example, of themosaics of the Pietra d'Orvieto, Ilcottotagina, Mediterranea, Onice Reale, collections, and many more). The tiles used for the mosaic are generally square, but in some collections mosaics with hexagonal or other shaped tiles are also available, which allow to obtain even more particular aesthetic results. Tiles with this special effect are ideal for enhancing details of rooms or walls (they can be used, for example, to cover the inside of a shower, the backsplash of a sink or the wall behind the hob of a kitchen ), and are available in various formats, to meet any type of need.

  • Steps: the covering of steps always requires special attention both during the design phase and at the time of installation. Also for this reason, Tagina has developed its "C steps" which, in addition to making installation faster, optimise the final aesthetic result, guaranteeing the complete uniformity of the step and making it completely free of leaks. This type of coating is then completed by special angular elements, which allow it to be closed on both sides using tiles of the same material.

  • Triangular edge covers: these elements, taken from the processing of the tile itself, are available for all Tagina collections and allow to cover any edge present on a wall without the need to resort to edge covers made of materials such as plastic or metal and without the need to cut the tile edges. Normally, in fact, if you want to cover a corner without using external elements, the only solution is to cut the edge of two tiles at 45° and make them fit together on the corner, creating a perfect fit. This method allows to obtain an excellent result from an aesthetic point of view, but requires a significant investment in money and time, as well as excellent manual skills on the part of those who carry out the installation. Thanks to the Tagina triangular edge cover, however, it is possible to avoid modifying the tiles by simply using this additional piece which allows to complete and smooth the corner without having to interrupt the continuity of the tiles. In addition to this special piece, the Tagina catalogue also offers the corner for triangular corner cover, i.e. the element that connects two corner covers arranged to form a 90 degree angle. The edge covers are perfect for completing the covering of columns, pillars, any volumes present in the bathroom area and constitute an ideal solution for managing the corners of stair steps. In fact, they guarantee excellent visual continuity between the tiles covering the step, and are an alternative (cheaper and with a more modern design) to the use of the C-shaped step.

  • Skirting boards: Tagina collections are completed by the presence of tiles already cut to form the skirting boards of the rooms, guaranteeing perfect continuity between the horizontal and vertical surfaces inside the room. The possibility of using skirting boards made of the same material as the tiles allows to obtain an extremely refined aesthetic result and to avoid manually cutting the porcelain stoneware slabs, with a considerable saving of time and a concrete reduction of waste.


In the Tagina catalogue you can find a detailed indication of the sizes and characteristics of all our porcelain stoneware accessories, divided by collection, size and colour: browse our catalogue and contact our consultants to perfectly complete your home project.

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