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Matching collections for a unique design

Proposals and tips for a home that truly reflects your style

The great versatility of porcelain stoneware, its ability to reproduce colours, textures and veins of natural materials and the possibility of obtaining tiles of countless thicknesses and sizes mean that this material is able to enhance every type of home, from the most classic to the most modern.

Porcelain stoneware tiles, in fact, are able to characterise every environment in a unique way, impeccably completing the design and adapting to every style. Whatever your tastes and the characteristics of your home, thanks to endless applications and combinations, Tagina collections can help you turn your desires into reality.

Here are some tips to help you choose from the countless possibilities available to you and recreate, inside your home, the atmosphere that best suits your tastes.


Scandinavian style: those who prefer this style tend to love wood very much, possibly alternating with more colourful and "pop" inserts. At chromatic level, the most appreciated colours are the shades of white, the neutral shades of beige or cream and, in general, all the lightshades.



Industrial style: those who love a more contemporary style can choose, thanks to porcelain stoneware, from a wide variety of options that are characterised by the presence of contrasting colours, rough surfaces and walls and floors that reproduce the effect of roughness. In terms of colours, you can choose matt black, white or other colours that recall materials such as silver or copper, while in terms of texture you can range from wood-effect porcelain stoneware tiles to metal-effect ones, or opt for concrete-effect or exposed bricks solutions.



Shabby chic style: the distinctive feature of this style is the presence of details that appear "worn by time", to reproduce the atmosphere of a simple, warm and lived environment. This result is achieved by preferring furnishing accessories and floors in light colours (ivory, beige, cream, light grey). Porcelain stoneware tiles can be used, in addition to flooring, also for the cladding of vertical surfaces, perhaps choosing patterns that recall fabrics or embroidery.



Ethnic style: also in this case, porcelain stoneware allows to create solutions of great effect by choosing tiles with intense and full colours, especially in shades of red, blue, orange or ecru. As for the textures, it is possible to recreate the effect of terracotta   or other natural materials.



Provence style: this style, which mixes country and shabby chic, recreates environments reminiscent of French country houses and is characterised by the use of soft and neutral colours. To enhance it, therefore, all the shades of lavender, sage green, soft ochre or powder blue are perfect. The floors can be made of wooden-effect, stone-effect porcelain stoneware, or even with terracotta-style tiles.



Boho chic style: the use of porcelain stoneware is perfectly suited to this style, which is based on the mix and match of different colours and textures. The great versatility of porcelain stoneware allows to obtain tiles of any colour (from fuchsia, to gold, to emerald green, to orange) that enhance the furnishings, but also the walls or some details of the rooms, focusing attention on them.



Vintage style: those who want to create an environment that recalls the style of the Forties or Fifties can use porcelain stoneware tiles in pastel tones (such as pink, light green, yellow) or more decisive (such asochre, brown, red) considering the possibility of choosing textures that recall those of natural materials, ant or even cement.



Minimal style: those who love sober design and dry lines can choose porcelain stoneware tiles in light colours such as beige, white or antique pink, taking advantage of the possibility of reproducing in an extremely precise way the characteristics of colour, textureand veining of marble, natural stones such as onyx or precious woods such as oak.



Contemporary style: this style, based on simplicity and functionality, is enhanced by the choice and combination of a limited number of colours that can also be used for the furniture. It is possible to choose tiles in softer colours, such as grey or dove gray, to be combined with a contrasting tint, preferring textures that recall resin or stone.



Rustic style: this classic style can be achieved by using porcelain stoneware tiles in warm colours such as beige, ochre, cream or dove grey, and recreating the effect of stone, woodand exposed bricks.



Do you want to know more about the types of Tagina tiles and the effects you can achieve by combining the different collections, to make the most of the characteristics of your home? Contact us and tell us what you want to achieve: we will help you identify the perfect products to achieve it. 

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